Zombot Pictures is a fiercely independent film production company started by three friends: producer/composer Anya Remizova, Native American writer/director James Bird, and producer/actress Adriana Mather.

Anya, James, and Adriana met and became roommates through Craigslist. Shortly after, they produced their first film CHASING SHAKESPEARE based on James’s script and starring Danny Glover and Graham Greene. CHASING SHAKESPEARE was showcased and won awards at SXSW, AFI, Cannes, Dallas International Film Festival, Montreal International Black Film Festival, and American Indian Film Festival.

James, Adriana and Anya quickly realized they wanted to continue making uncompromising edgy films, so they started a production company, Zombot Pictures, under which they made their second feature film – award-winning family comedy EAT, SPIRIT EAT. This film was James’s directorial debut, Anya’s first film score, and Adriana’s first lead role. HONEYGLUE is the team’s third feature film in only three years.

Determined to bring thought-provoking Indie films into the forefront of the film industry, Zombot Pictures tells important stories that touch the hearts of audiences around the world. They do it on sets that are environmentally friendly, have organic food, and are unapologetically happy. They are committed to diversity, both on screen and behind the camera. They now know that the magic of film-making doesn’t come from fairy dust, but from creating something you believe in.