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  • “A gender-defying film that will have you bawling at the theater.” –
  • “Tearjerking Honeyglue’s heart
    is in the right place.” –
  • “A thoughtful and heartbreaking film about love that refuses the constraint of labels.” – DAILY CALIFORNIAN
  • “Beautifully written…Honeyglue is a story of love, acceptance, and living.“ – Reel Honest Reviews
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  • “An engaging dramatic treatise on living life to the fullest.” –
  • “A hopeful, messy, touching film about certain death.” –
  • “Exquisitely made, wonderfully written, and life-affirming.” –
    Martin Hafer / INFLUX MAGAZINE
  • “A film made with this much passion needs to be seen.” –
  • “Adriana Mather gives a lovely
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  • “A highly powerful film both visually and story wise.” –
    Jason Coleman / STARPULSE
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After learning that she has three months left to live, Morgan turns her protected middle class life upside down. That’s when she meets Jordan, a rebellious, gender-defying artist, and together they embark on an adventure of a lifetime. With a hand-held camera, the pair document their time together, creating a lasting record of what—and who—really matters in life.

With superb and fearless performances by newcomers Adriana Mather and Zach Villa, and a stellar supporting cast that includes Booboo Stewart and Amanda Plummer, HONEYGLUE is a thoroughly modern love story without labels. Zombot Pictures and writer/director James Bird take a raw look at mortality, but the result is a celebration of life, leaving the viewer with a finer appreciation of the excitement, compassion, and powerful love that are available to those brave enough to claim them.

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Zombot Pictures, a film company based in Los Angeles, California, was started by a group of three friends: Writer/Director, James Bird; Producer/Actress, Adriana Mather; and Producer/Composer, Anya Remizova.

Committed to diversity—both on screen and behind the camera—Zombot Pictures is determined to bring
thought-provoking Indie films to the forefront of the film industry. The stories they tell touch the hearts of audiences around the world, and they now know that the magic of filmmaking doesn’t come from fairy dust, but from something you believe in.

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